About us

At  DCare Medical , our Mission  is clear – we want to Prevent  diabetes skin complication  How serious are we about fulfilling that goal? Perhaps one of our longtime board members put it best: “We want to turn off the lights.” 

Our Sister Company Meba Medical Canada and it’s Pharma Division in UK " Meba Pharma UK " are working hard  since 2013 to produce some unique products which really may help to maintain the chemical and physical structures of the skin , which always dramatically affected by Diabetes and their treatment .

In 2015 Meba Medical produce the first product line { Diabetica® } using the advanced formula of natural ingredients to keep the skin healthy and viable

The line contains , shower gel and cosmetic gel , the aim of both products is to keep the skin daily under the effect of the ingredients either by showering or by skin message .

Diabetica® contains , Myrrh and Aloe Vera natural remedies . no other product is available world wide contain Myrrh !!! or Myrrh and Aloe Vera together  .

The secrets of Myrrh Oil in skin care is proven now , hundreds of scientific papers and articles are published  world wide about Myrrh effect .

The second product is the ShotMark® a Unique Canadian Manufactured Medical Temporary TATTOO for one week , a small sheet of Temporary TATTOO simply Mark the patients skin with 35 Circles of different colors for each day , the patient can inject the insulin in one circle one time only and for the second injection the patients has to move to the next Circle , by this way the circles guide the patient not to inject the insulin in the same point more than one time , the design contains 5 circles per day / 35 circles per week , that allow the patients to inject 5 times per day in different 5 circles and them move the next 5 circles for the next day and so on … that unique device prevent the multiple injection of insulin in one point , which lead to a serious skin complications , inflammation , liopdestrophy ,  skin fibrosis , leading to disturbances in insulin absorption and hyper or hypoglycemia  

Meba Medical also collaborate with some other manufacturers like Timesulin UK , to serve the patients with the insulin Pen replacement digital time register cap , simply , remove the insulin pen cap   and replace with the Timesulin  , that will register the time of the last dose taken , so patients forgetting insulin dose will be alerted if they took the dose or not when look to the Timesulin …  

Thankfully, there are many Companies  devoted to the care of diabetes patients  But there is only one Company  solely devoted to Diabetes skin complications  DCare Medical and Meba Groups of Companies .